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Older metal roofs often leak at penetrations, skylights, seams, and fasteners. Metal roofs with lots of foot traffic or light gage metal are very susceptible to crimping of the metal. The addition of large air handlers, vents, and other penetrations often span several flutes and end up backing up water behind the penetration. This leads to a tough repair problem.

Most metal roofs we see have had some leakage problems. Some attempts have been made to repair the seams, fasteners, and penetrations with asphaltic materials or poor quality coating materials.

Many older roofs also exhibit extensive rusting. This is both a long term technical problem and unsightly.

In addition, many metal roofs are uninsulated or underinsulated. This often leads to condensation or the loss of valuable energy. Many cold storage facilities in our area are underinsulated and have extensive condensation problems.


We can offer three different solutions to metal roof problems.


Rusted metal roofs can have the rust problem addressed and the surface refinished to improve appearance and protect the surface.

The typical approach is to remove loose metal scale with a wire brush. The surface is then primed with a rust inhibitive primer. Elastomeric coating is then applied to all surfaces. Many colors are available but most owners choose white.


Leaking metal roofs can be fixed using one of our elastomeric coating systems in combination with fabric reinforced treatments at the seams and penetrations.

Fabric and coating has proven to be vastly superior to coating only in reinforcing seams. The system treats both the vertical and horizontal seams with the horizontal seams being the most critical. We use a fabric specially made for this application which is almost impossible to tear with your bare hands. When coating is added, the combination is exceptional for waterproofing seams.

Surface preparation calls for removing all asphaltic patching materials from seams and fasteners. Each fastener is inspected and the neoprene washer is replaced if necessary. Fasteners are tightened and then treated with caulk or butyl fastener covers. Penetrations and the ridge cap are water proofed with coating and fabric or sprayed polyurethane foam.

A ten year no leak guarantee is available from the manufacturer.


This application is perfect for roofs that have:

1. Extensive Damage

2. Very light gauge metal (ie 26 gauge)

3. Insulation Requirement.

4. Many large penetrations.

This system involves the spray application of polyurethane insulation (about R 6.5 to R 10). Followed by spray application of two or three coats of Elastomeric Coating. The system is very effective in solving leak problems on tough metal roofs at a reasonable price.

On very low sloped metal roofs, this system is an improvement over coating and fabric systems.

The system is self flashing and is very effective at waterproofing large penetrations. The penetrations range from vent stacks to hatches to air handling units. These penetrations often span several flutes and dam water above them. This standing water deteriorates conventional materials but has virtually no effect on this system.